Back To School - For The Kids

Back To School - For The Kids

Back to School: a search for the best school shoes. We don't mean to be the bearers of bad news, however there's an occasion around the corner that may creep up on you if it isn't seen to immediately. We're talking about the Back to School rush of course. 

Now, this isn't your ordinary Back to School breakdown, no, instead of singling out specific silhouettes we'll be looking at the different styles that your little ones may wear back into the classroom - after all, they're still allowed to stand out! So, these are the different ways to throw down black leather footwear. Just because.

Back to School

Right, heading back to school shouldn't be a chore. So, we won't let you feel that way. Here are our favourite styles that your little ones may enjoy pushing and shoving around the playground. The school run - but, make it poetic. Oh, and we may just attach an example for you, too.


As close to a trainer as we'll allow on this one, unfortunately! You could opt for the Dr. Martens 1461 shoe if you're that way inclined, however a low-cut, black leather shoe can be fun, too. Not quite a trainer, not quite a formal - just right.


Classics, ready for long trips, always a winner. How far is the walk to school? Too far you say? Well, perhaps a secure boot is the way for you. Fortunately, Dr. Martens do it just right with the 1460, however feel free to lace up the Kickers Kick Hi or Tovni Hi.


Here, we'd like you to drop the laces and head straight for a buckle or velcro strap. First up, buckles - because a little bit of class never hurt anyone. These have always been a hit, in fact they've never not been in-style; the prime example of a style that gets better with ages.


Don't fib, we've all had a velcro pair at one point in our lives. As a 70's, 80's or 90's school child, we can all remember our first pair. Strapped right up to the ankles, a style that is misconceived as one for those for people who cannot tie laces. Well, that's a fib on their part. Nothing is as sweet as a velcro pair.

Okay, so maybe we've made your school mornings a little bit easier and helped you hone in on a specific style, but, you need more. Well, fear not. We have exactly what you're looking for. Click here for junior pairs, and here for infant pairs.