DNA Deep-dive: A Lacoste trifecta

DNA Deep-dive: A Lacoste trifecta

Whilst tennis legend René Lacoste adopted the ‘Crocodile’ nickname in 1923, it wouldn’t be for another decade that his sporting apparel would launch on a localised scale.

Reptilian patches could be found across the wearer’s heart, announcing on-tee branding for the first time in design history - a detail that would be adopted by Ralph Lauren and Fred Perry, amongst others, at a later date.

In 1991, Lacoste sought help from British shoe manufacturing group, Pentland, as they introduced a style that catered for comfort ahead of performance - breaking away from their core aesthetic to launch a range continually appropriated by in-house designers as we see them today.

Now to cast TOWER’s yellow-tinted spotlight over three silhouettes that tick all the right boxes for our family. Which pair is right for you?

Pulling together elements of soft, tumbled leather and perforated synthetic panelling, the L001 takes necessary steps in modernising every inch of cloth that Lacoste archives were plucked from.

Lacoste opted for an elevated level of technology when drafting their contemporary L002, integrating breathable mesh lining, a thick-set rubber cupsole and crocodile-branded TPU clips at both heels.

This is where the real fun starts - as its tagline suggests, the L003 drove Lacoste in a completely new direction, blending specialised sporting construction into everyday wearability for those craving a stylish look on the go.