DNA Deep-Dive: Some festive care for your footwear

DNA Deep-Dive: Some festive care for your footwear
We know how it is, the weather turns around this time of year and everything is flipped on its head; scarves are pulled out of retirement, fluffy socks become an essential and your boots take an absolute beating. Fortunately, TOWER is here to make the latter a touch easier on your wallet - when a fresh pair isn't an option, breathe new life into those heavily-loved goodies! Follow these simple steps and perhaps we'll be added even more miles onto a Vibram or AirWair sole - you know, something pretty hardwearing from the get-go.

TOWER Beeswax Polish

Applicable to all black leathers, TOWER's exclusive Beeswax polish helps you preserve that long-lasting shine after a quick buff, brush and cloth coating. 75ml is bound to get you through the winter months, so get buffing before the rain falls!

TOWER Shoe Shine Cloth

Another TOWER exclusive, the Shoe Shine cloth makes the most of your shoe-bound sparkle, salvaging any and all post-polish reflection without so much as a stumble.

TOWER Nubuck Cleaning Block

Think you've got a does of suede or nubuck cladding those toes of yours? Fun fact, you're scuff-prone! So, secure a nubuck cleaning block from TOWER today - look after them now, thank us later.