How to style the Dr. Martens Adrian Loafer – Jeans Edition

How to style the Dr. Martens Adrian Loafer – Jeans Edition

Go on, say it – you didn’t think loafers were going to make a comeback this year. Well funnily enough we did; and of course, we told you so! However, in the current climate it’s vitally important that all styling is done correctly, which is why we’re walking you through a selection of shots from our most recent editorial here at TOWER. 

This is how to wear Dr. Martens Adrian Loafer, the baggy jeans edition. 

Simply put, not everyone can rock a Canadian tuxedo – but those of you who can, do it brilliantly. Here’s some inspiration from TOWER’s in-house stylist, who dresses better than just about everyone we know. 

Choose Your Fighter

Firstly, decide on your Adrian Loafers. We slipped into the beige pair as it just made sense, to us anyway. How often do you see beige loafers roaming the streets? Your answer, is rarely – and we just love to stand out. So, pick a colour as this will be your base tone. 

Which Trousers are Best?

Secondly, onto the trousers – we opted for a loud, embroidered pair with plenty of baggage to compliment a blank canvas underfoot. When going baggy, just make sure you’re not brushing the ground as damage could be caused to the denim; if that could be a risk, get them tailored correctly and professionally! 

Keep it Mean!

Thirdly, select a top half. We tend to abide by this rule – if the top is big, shrink the bottom, and if the bottom is big bring it in up-top. As the jeans were baggy down below, we’ve decided to make sure the jumper is tighter fitting and sits at the waistline; over this, we’ve thrown a sashiko style jacket that plays on the Japanese repairing method for an eye-catching, tonal affair.  

As if by magic, that’s our fit! 

It couldn’t have been easier – can you believe that we offer this service for free? Styling has always been this simple with TOWER, you’ve just got to find it. Whether that be through our Instagram or posing against the best backdrops our city has to offer.