PR(iD)E at TOWER: Meet Iesha!

PR(iD)E at TOWER: Meet Iesha!

As one of London’s fastest growing independent retailers with an HQ situated at the heart of London’s cultural hub, it is TOWER’s duty to not only support those thriving in our local community, but to create a platform for those driving positive change within their own communities.

TOWER gave a number of key players in London’s LGTBQ+ Creative Community the stage to shoot an editorial that captured exactly what it means to them to be Queer and Diverse within modern creative spaces - celebrating 50 years of PRIDE events across the UK.

Boss Lady, a.k.a. @BbyMilosWorld, orchestrated a team of five LGTBQ+ visionaries as complete creative license was plucked from TOWER’s reach and shared between the selected crew of photographers, designers, artists, poets and so on.

There should be no limits to creativity, so why stop at footwear?

Today, we’re kicking off the series with Iesha - a creative thinker and speaker currently living in Liverpool.

“My name is Iesha palmer (they/them), I'm a proud black, Caribbean non-binary person who now resides in Liverpool. I currently work in the third sector. I'm a creative thinker, speaker and body positive advocate. I love community, what it means, how it grows and how it serves us as individuals, as we serve it. We serve the community by living our truth, by existing in an authentic way, by creating our own paths and tapping into our unique gifts.”

“I chose the Clarks Originals Wallabee in white and blue shoes because they are loud in such a soft way, and about two weeks before being called for the shoot I was talking about how I’d never had a pair and would love a pair. Manifestation is real!

My style has truly evolved over the years, it's really followed the relationship I have with my body from a young age. The more comfortable I feel in myself, the more I play around with what I wear. I think my style is like 90's meets modern street wear. The colour black has been a safety net for me especially when experiencing dysphoria with my body.

I've started using fashion as an avenue of healing and leaning into uncomfortable feelings to find not just acceptance but love. Fashion is a wonderful way to express how you're feeling without saying a word, there are no rules and it can be so affirming. “

Join us in coming weeks for the next instalment, and a closer look at those driving visibility in LGBTQ+ creative spaces.

Or, if you'd just like to get your Clarks Originals fix, head over to now.