PR(iD)E at TOWER: Meet Kamil!

PR(iD)E at TOWER: Meet Kamil!

As one of London’s fastest growing independent retailers with an HQ situated at the heart of London’s cultural hub, it is TOWER’s duty to not only support those thriving in our local community, but to create a platform for those driving positive change within their own communities.

As we’re sure that you are now aware, TOWER opened our doors to a host of key players in London’s LGTBQ+ Creative Community as they executed an editorial that captured exactly what it means to them to be Queer and Diverse within modern creative spaces. All of this whilst celebrating 50 years of PRIDE events across the UK.

Boss Lady, a.k.a. @BbyMilosWorld, pulled complete creative license from TOWER’s reach and shared it with a carefully sculpted team of five LGTBQ+ photographers, designers, artists, poets and so on.

There should be no limits to creativity, so why stop at footwear?

Take the mic, Kamil! A Brummy-Kashmiri poet, spoken word and visual artist who explores identity, community, Islam, masculinity and power dynamics through expression.

“My name is Kamil. I am a Brummy-Kashmiri poet, spoken word and visual artist. My work explores identity, community, Islam, masculinity and power dynamics. My debut collection, Mute Men, was published by Verve Poetry Press in 2019. I am a co-founder of Gully Collective; a space connecting and supporting South Asian creatives in the UK and beyond.”

“I picked the Redwings because I like earthy colours - plus who doesn’t want to be a couple inches taller? I like to feel comfortable, so loose clothing is my go to with casual smart and autumnal shades. Fashion expresses something we may not be intentional about.

I grew up self conscious about my weight and body shape so would wear clothes that were loose and comfortable; since coming out five months ago I would say I feel way more intentional and less self conscious with what I wear. I love that for me.

The charity I’m supporting would be Displaced Collective - an organisation I work with that support young displaced people in Birmingham.”