PR(iD)E at TOWER: Meet Keemy!

PR(iD)E at TOWER: Meet Keemy!

As one of London’s fastest growing independent retailers with an HQ situated at the heart of London’s cultural hub, it is TOWER’s duty to not only support those thriving in our local community, but to create a platform for those driving positive change within their own communities.

Oh, you hadn’t heard? At TOWER, we celebrated 50 years of PRIDE events across the UK by opening our doors to a host of creatives from London’s LGTBQ+ Creative Community. They were given complete creative license to shoot an editorial that captures exactly what it means to them to be Queer and Diverse within modern creative spaces.

Boss Lady, a.k.a. @BbyMilosWorld, pulled complete creative license from TOWER’s reach and shared it with a carefully sculpted team of five LGTBQ+ photographers, designers, artists, poets and so on.

There should be no limits to creativity, so why stop at footwear?

Take the mic, Keemy - a self-confessed entrepreneur, designer, buyer and Pokemon master amongst other titles.

“Jack of all trades but master of none, I often describe myself as. Triple threat; Queer, Brown and Disabled.

All of which are part of my life but not who I am. I’m an entrepreneur, a designer, buyer, Pokémon master amongst an endless list of components that make up who I am.

You can be whoever and whatever you want to be, go get it ✨💫

“Clothing and shoes have always been a big part of my life, you can tell so much about a person by what they have on their feet. Whether they’re clean, their job role, style, character or even a fantasy they’re living. You can be whoever you want to the outside world simply by changing how you dress - if that isn’t modern day magic I don’t know what is.”

Keemy’s chosen charity is @mssocietyuk - the UK’s largest charity dedicated to stopping multiple sclerosis.