TOWER Family: This week’s family favourites – Vol. 11

TOWER Family: This week’s family favourites – Vol. 11
Every week, the team at TOWER HQ takes a moment to chop-up everything that has appeared on our shelves over the past seven days. What's the catch? If it dropped and flew, it's already too late! Everything you'll find here is ready to be bagged, stacked and laced-up at a time that suits you. So, in no particular order, here is this week's TOWER family favourites; let's lace 'em up!

5. Dr. Martens 1461 Smooth

British racing green has never looked so good - in fact, we're starting to think that smooth uppers are the way to go this season. Easily cleaned, light camouflage amongst the leaves and hard-wearing durability, what else could we ask for?

4. Flower MOUNTAIN Yamano 3

Founded by Yang Chao and Keisuke Ota in 2015, the Flower MOUNTAIN team combines elements of a shared passion for trekking, music and footwear into every last panel; meaning, their updated Yamano 3 silhouette blends a natural cork insoles and ultra lightweight rubber effortlessly with technical construction.

We're still looking for a way to say 'badass pair of shoes' without saying 'badass pair of shoes'; it's a tricky one when confronted with such footwear architecture.

3. Lacoste Game Advance Luxe 0721 1 SMA

Easy on, easy off whether you're on-court or off into the wild - Lacoste have done it again with help from an infinitely healthy balance of mesh, leathers and plush suede panels. Sometimes simple is best, more can be said for universal styling than neck-breaking combinations on your way to work; we're not leading the catwalk every single day, just most of them!

2. Flower MOUNTAIN Morican

No words needed, just look at them! Aggressive, scary and ready to take London by storm.

1. Timberland Cortina Valley 6" boot

Reworking Timberland's classic 6" boot, this isn't a style that we'd let sneak under the rug as autumn's cold weather rolls in.

By injecting modern vibrations into an otherwise iconic midsole, we've been given a sustainable option that boasts premium BetterLeather across the upper, inwards-facing ReBOTL 50% recycled fabric and infinitely comfortable GreenStride soles; yes, the very soles made from 75% renewable sugar cane and responsibly sourced rubber!